SULOV® BEDLA senior cane, 3-piece, 1 pc

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- 3 section aluminum trekking pole
- stick length: 69-135 cm
- diameter of the stick: 14-18 mm, material: aluminum 6061
- weight: 260 g (pair 520 g)
- Anti-shock system protects your joints and ensures comfortable movement in the field thanks to the spring mechanism; the possibility of adjusting the suspension or switching to a fixed stop
- PP softened anatomically shaped handles with good adhesion
- the neoprene strap of the handle fixes the hand during a larger grip
- the rubber foot serves as a cover for the tip and is suitable for flat reinforced surfaces
- trekking poles made with an emphasis on maximum quality and user comfort
It serves as additional equipment for hiking. They provide support when moving in the field.