Children's electric car Tractor Lite - red

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The best for young tractor drivers! Extra equipment 2x 25W motor, 12 V, 4.5 Ah battery. Trolley included. More

Children's Electric Car Tractor Lite

Introducing the Tractor Lite children's electric car, the ideal choice for little lovers of country life and agricultural technology. This authentically-designed single-seater model will enchant you and your child with its true-to-life resemblance to a real tractor, including an included cart to expand the possibilities for play and work in the garden.

Why choose Tractor Lite for your child?
- Authentic tractor design: this model is a perfect miniature of a real tractor, with an emphasis on the luxurious look and details such as coloured lights and realistic features that children love.
- Cart included: the tractor comes with a handy cart that's perfect for transporting toys, garden tools or crops from your own small garden bed.
- Entertainment features: with a USB input and MP3 playback capability, little tractor drivers can enjoy their favourite tunes while they work and play.

Technical specifications that will excite every small farmer:
- Powerful performance: with two motors of 25 W each and a speed of 3-8 km/h, the Tractor Lite is ready for any challenge, whether on flat ground or on a gentle slope.
- Long lasting: With a 12V/4.5Ah battery and 12V 1000 Ma charger, the tractor is guaranteed to last for long hours of fun without the need for frequent recharging.
- Carrying up to 30kg: The carefully designed car made of durable plastic can carry children up to 30kg, ensuring stability and safety when driving.

Easy recharging for endless fun:
Tractor Lite is equipped with an easy recharging system. Thanks to the included charger, the battery can be recharged directly in the car, saving parents time and making maintenance easier. This feature ensures that the trolley is always ready for the next adventure in the field or garden.

The Tractor Lite children's electric car is the ideal choice for young tractor drivers who not only want to have fun, but also learn about working on the farm or in the garden. With its attractive looks, powerful engines, included trolley and safe driving characteristics, it's the perfect first vehicle for any small farmer with big plans. Don't wait and order now so you can watch your child's face light up with happiness and excitement with every ride!

Technical Specifications:
Colour: red
Battery: 12 V / 4.5 Ah
Charger: 12 V 1000 Ma
Motor: 2x 25 W
Weight: 12.3 kg (pack: 15.5 kg)
Material: plastic
Speed: 3-8 km/h
Dimensions: 136.5 x 50 x 52.5 cm (pack: 84 x 50 x 40 cm)
Recommended age: 3-8 years
Load capacity: 30 kg

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Color Red
Battery capacity (Ah) 4,5
Battery Voltage (V) 12
Power (W) 50
Toy car brand Eljet
Vehicle category tractors
Type of trolley tractors