Electric skateboard Eljet Single Power

Warranty: 24 months
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As the name suggests, the Eljet Single Power electric skateboard has one electric motor. The Eljet Single power electric skateboard is the ideal travel companion. More

Electric skateboard Eljet Single Power

the Electric skateboard Eljet Single Power is equipped with one powerful electric motor, making it lightweight at only 3.8 kg and therefore easily portable when you are not driving. Its compact size makes it easy to pack and carry anywhere. The skateboard can travel up to 10 km on a single charge and can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h.

Features and Benefits
The skateboard board is made up of 5 layers, three of which are bamboo and two are fibreglass, ensuring excellent strength and durability. The 2.2 Ah battery provides ample range, while the brushless DC motor ensures smooth and quiet operation.

Riding an electric skateboard
Eljet Single Power brings a number of benefits: it is environmentally friendly, allows fast movement in the city without depending on public transport, and offers a fun form of exercise in the fresh air. In addition, it is suitable for all ages and can serve as a great tool for improving balance and coordination.
Included in the package is a remote control with wireless connection that can be charged in approximately 2 hours and allows easy control of the skateboard.

Package contents:
- 1 x Electric skateboard Eljet Single Power
- 1 x Charger
- 1 x Wireless control
- 1 x User manual

Technical specifications:
Weight: 3.8 kg
Dimensions: 70 x 19 x 15 cm
Package dimensions: 72.5 x 24 x 17 cm
Board material: 5 layers (3x bamboo, 2x fiberglass)
Battery capacity: 2200 mAh / 24 V
Battery type: Li-Ion
Charging time: 2 hours
Maximum speed: 15 km/h
Range: 10 km
Load capacity: 120 kg
Climbing ability: 10°
Motor: Brushless, DC, 250 W
Brake: Electromagnetic
Wheels: Highly durable polyurethane, 70 x 51 mm

Wireless control:
Battery capacity: 450 mAh / 3.7 V
Battery type: Li-Ion

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