Electric longboard Eljet Street Pro

Warranty: 24 months
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The Longboard can reach speeds of up to 40 km/h and handle even the most challenging terrain thanks to its two 1200 W motors with a total power of up to 25 km. More

Electric longboard Eljet Street Pro

The Eljet Street Pro ranks at the top of electric longboards thanks to its combination of high performance, long range and modern design. What sets it apart from the rest, however, are its two powerful engines, which not only allow for a smooth and fast ride, but also the ability to climb hills with ease. This makes the Eljet Street Pro the ideal choice for everyday adventures.

Benefits and design
The twin motors with a total power of 1200 W give the Eljet Street Pro not only exceptional dynamics, but also the ability to reach a top speed of up to 40 km/h. This feature makes it one of the fastest electric longboards. With a 6.0 Ah battery capacity, the range of up to 25 km per charge is guaranteed, satisfying even the most demanding users. Despite its power and range, the Eljet Street Pro maintains a friendly weight of 8.5 kg, making it easy to carry and handle.

Portability and flexibility
Eljet Street Pro is designed to provide maximum portability without compromising performance. Its robust design is flexible enough for easy portability and allows users to move easily between different destinations. Whether you need to cover the distance to work, school or going out of town, the Eljet Street Pro is ready to meet all your mobile transport requirements.

Innovative controls and safety
With advanced wireless controls that offer seamless control over speed and braking, riding the Eljet Street Pro is safe and intuitive. Users can easily control the longboard in different speeds and situations, which increases the safety and comfort of the ride. In addition, the ergonomic controls ensure that operation is comfortable even during prolonged use.

Technical specifications
Weight: 8.5 kg
Dimensions: 13 x 27 x 97 cm
Battery capacity: 6.0 Ah 42V
Charging time: 2 - 3 hours
Maximum speed: up to 40 km/h
Range: up to 25 km
Motor power: 2x 600W
Maximum load capacity: 120 kg

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