Electric four-wheel scooter RACCEWAY® STRADA, blue-glossy

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1000W engine, speed 24km/h, range 70km, led battery, remote control with alarm, safety seat, load capacity 150kg More

RACCEWAY® STRADA 2022 electric quatro bike
is suitable not only for those who have problems with walking and musculoskeletal system, but will help anyone who needs a reliable stable machine for their transport.
- This machine is highly stable, with adjustable maximum speed and simple operation, and powerful enough even when driving uphill.
- Electric drive of the ATV has a very quiet operation, in addition, there is no risk of odor or emissions as with internal combustion engines.
- The machine will offer you very low operating costs and the trip for shopping or trips around the area will be much more comfortable.
- Electric RACCEWAY® STRADA 2022 electric quatro bike has rear-wheel drive via a differential as in a car.

Detailed product description
RACCEWAY® STRADA 2022 electric four-wheel scooter
" four-wheel electric scooter with an exceptional power of 1000 W and power transmission responds agilely and smoothly to the rotation of the handle with the power control, even in hilly terrain or when starting from an intersection
" RACCEWAY® STRADA 2022 is ideal for commuting to work, shopping, etc.
" stability is ensured by four wheels with a larger diameter, quality suspension and tires
" for more pleasant entry and greater efficiency of the braking effect, front hydraulic disc brakes are used, the rear brake is drum
" equipment such as a rechargeable USB port, lockable storage box and storage space for small items will certainly also come in handy for the everyday user
" weight: 96 kg
dimensions: 1580 x 730 x 1080 mm
" maximum speed: 24 km / h
" range: up to 70 km
" motor: 1000 W (brushless motor, power transmission)
" battery: 60 V 20 AH (5 * 12V 20 Ah) (1200 Wh)
" charging time: 6 - 8 hours
" brakes: front - disc hydraulic, rear - drum
" wheels: front - 3.0-8, rear - 3.0-10
wheelbase: 103 cm
load capacity: 150 kg
Color Blue
Battery Voltage (V) 60
Engine type Electro
Max. load capacity (kg) 150
Max. speed (km/h) 24
Power (W) 1000
Removable battery NO
Type of motorcycle E.senior strollers