Hoverboard Cross Fire APP 3

Warranty: 24 months
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The handlebarless balancing wheel with large 10-inch wheels is equipped with two 350 W motors and a 4.4 Ah lithium battery with a range of up to 20 km. Reaching a top speed of 16 km/h and being able to connect via app and Bluetooth make for a comfortable and fun ride. More

Howerboard Cross APP 3

The Cross type Colleges® are the ideal model for more demanding users who want to enjoy riding not only on flat roads. With their 10-inch inflatable wheels, they are designed to ride on flat surfaces as well as over mild terrain. The air in the tyres cushions the Kolonožka® so you can tackle more difficult environments, such as slightly uneven trails or city streets. A hoverboard is more than just a ride - it's an experience. The control of the Wheelbarrow is intuitive, based on the movement and balance of the rider. The gyroscopic system is the heart of the Colonnade, allowing instantaneous reactions to changes in rider position and smooth turning and turning in place. In addition, this type of Koložky has a Bluetooth function and therefore a connection to a mobile phone or tablet, which can download a special application. The app will allow you to monitor and adjust the speed, consumption or battery status of the Wheelbarrow. This allows the user to better coordinate their driving and keep track of the status of their Column.

On the Road with Inflatable Wheels
Get control of the terrain with large 10 inch inflatable wheels! Enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to exceptional durability and shock absorption. For riders who want comfort without compromise and the freedom to overcome the challenges of any journey, all in comfort without unwanted shocks.

Key Features of the Cross Wheelchair
- High-performance balance system for maximum stability and safe riding
- Integrated 4.4 Ah lithium battery for up to 20 km range after 3 hours of charging
- Bluetooth connectivity to play music directly from the wheelchair thanks to the built-in speaker
- Anti-slip treads for safe movement
- Durable construction and powerful motors for long-term reliability

Intelligent balance system
Howerboard is equipped with an intelligent balance system. This system works on the principle of cooperation of gyroscopes and microchips, which evaluate the position of the rider in relation to Howerboard. The ride is determined by simply shifting the rider's weight forward or backward. Based on this, the gyroscope system identifies the desired direction of travel and enables forward, reverse or turning in place.

Performance First
High-quality components, including powerful motors and motherboards, guarantee high durability and a long service life for the Cross Column. These trucks are designed to be a reliable partner and provide users with unmatched performance and reliability.

Enjoy your ride in style
Elegant and stylish appearance is the main pride of this Colonnade. Therefore, this Howerboard will be the pride of its user. Howerboard is a suitable model for those who expect their Colonnade to cover a long distance in a relatively short time in style, while impressing their surroundings not only with its art but also with the playful design of their vehicle.

Technical specifications:
Dimensions: 69 x 29 x 28 cm
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Motor: 2x 350W
Maximum speed: 16 km/h
Weight: 14 kg
Maximum angle of climb: 15°
Battery: lithium 4.4 Ah
Range: up to 20 km
Maximum load capacity: 120 kg
Minimum load capacity: approx. 40 kg
Bluetooth: Yes

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