Children's electric car Bugatti Chiron

Warranty: 24 months
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Enter the world of automotive elegance 2x 35W motor, 12 V battery, 4.5 Ah, weight 17 kg. More

Baby Electric Car Bugatti Chiron

Discover a world of speed and elegance with the Bugatti Chiron, a children's electric car that is a faithful miniature of one of the world's fastest and most luxurious cars. Designed for children aged 3-8 years, this model is the perfect choice for little enthusiasts who dream of their first adrenaline-fuelled race ride.

Why choose the Bugatti Chiron for your child?
- Exclusive design: the car boasts a red colour and iconic Bugatti design that attracts attention and arouses admiration in every little pilot.
- Safety and comfort: With a speed of 3-7 km/h and high-quality plastic material, the Bugatti Chiron offers a safe and stable ride, while the shock absorbers ensure a comfortable driving experience.
- Performance and control: With a pair of 35W motors (70W total) and a 12V/7Ah battery, the car is ready for exciting adventures, all under parental supervision thanks to the remote control.

Technical specifications that will satisfy little racers:
- Powerful performance: two motors of 35W each provide the vehicle with enough thrust to drive on a variety of surfaces, whether in the park or in the garden.
- A hardy companion: thanks to the 12V/7Ah capacity battery and 12V 1000 Ma charger, your child is guaranteed to enjoy long hours of fun without the need for frequent recharging.
- Safe speed: The car reaches speeds of 3-7 km/h, ideal for your child's safe and fun adventures.
- Carrying up to 30 kg: Carefully designed from durable plastic, the car can carry children up to 30 kg, with a total vehicle weight of 17 kg, making it easy to handle and safer.

Easy recharging for constant adventure:
The Bugatti Chiron is equipped with an easy recharging system. Thanks to the 12V 1000 Ma charger, the battery can be recharged directly in the car, saving parents time and making maintenance easier. This feature ensures that your ride is always ready for the next exciting race.

Children's electric car Bugatti Chiron is the ideal choice for young racers who want to not only have fun, but also learn about the importance of speed and safety. With its attractive looks, advanced features and safe performance, it's the perfect first car for any little champion. Don't wait and order now so you can watch your child's face light up with happiness and excitement with every ride!

Technical Specifications:
Colour: red
Battery: 12 V / 7 Ah
Charger: 12 V 1000 Ma
Motor: 2x 35 W
Weight: 17 kg (pack: 21 kg)
Material: plastic
Speed: 3-7 km/h
Dimensions: 117 x 69.5 x 46.5 cm (pack: 120 x 59.5 x 33 cm)
Recommended age: 3-8 years
Load capacity: 30 kg

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Color Red
Battery capacity (Ah) 7
Battery Voltage (V) 12
Power (W) 70
Toy car brand Bugatti
Vehicle category super sport
Type of trolley cars