Bag for scooter Eljet 2

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The Eljet 2 is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a combination of practicality and style for their scooter travels. More

Bag for scooter Eljet 2

You know that feeling when you're going for a ride on your scooter and you're wondering where to safely store your keys, cell phone, glasses or even a small snack? With the Eljet 2 scooter bag, these worries are a thing of the past. This handy accessory gives you plenty of space for all the essentials you want to keep on hand during your trips.

Bag features:
- Waterproof: made of durable EVA material, which together with the waterproof zipper ensures that your belongings stay dry even in inclement weather.
- Stable attachment: three Velcro straps allow the bag to be easily and firmly attached to the handlebars, ensuring your gear is always securely stored and easily accessible.
- Convenient access: the ergonomically positioned bag gives you quick access to your belongings,.

Technical specifications:
Material: EVA
Weight: 140 g
Volume: 2.5 l
Dimensions: 31 x 17 x 15 cm
Colour: Black

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